Infant Phonetic Reader 2




Infant Phonetic Reader 2

from sound to words

A series of extensive reading material aimed at Pre-Primary level children to reinforce their reading skills.

Phonetic Reader offers a gradual journey from sounds to proficient reading through a two-book series. Sounds evolve into words and words into language mastery. Phonemes’ intricate fusion underscores the need for a strong phonics foundation. This wordbook, complete with visuals, serves as an educational tool for parents and teachers, systematically categorizing words and consonant variations. Proficiency in phonics enhances pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and com- prehension. It ensures an engaging learning experience and a lasting reference.

Reading stories introduces children to language intricacies and ignites their passion for learning. Book choices significantly shape their education’s depth. Parents should expose children to a variety of books, starting with simple language and themes and gradually progressing to more complex materials.

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Dimensions0.25 × 20.5 × 28 cm

56 pages


Crad Cover


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